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Do you own a small café down the street? Was it charming in its own way when you first started but needs a serious facelift at the moment? If you are feeling this way or even if you think that things need to change a little, to attract new customers or to compete with your competition, then you need help. We have some suggestions that may help your cause.
Good food always makes for a good restaurant. So you need to keep maintaining your A game if you want to successfully compete with your competitors. Cafes are about comfort food most of the time. People come to sit down, have a chat or read a book while they indulge in their favourite snacks. Therefore, if your food items are not up to the best standard make sure to elevate those dishes, even if you have to charge a little extra money; because people would come back for the best cup of tea or croissant in town, despite a small price hike. Furthermore, ice cream display cabinets will be a good investment on your part if you are considering any additions to improve your café. This will not only add colour to the place but it will also add to its appeal, attracting more families with small children. In fact, it will not only attract families and children, but ice cream would be an inviting treat for everyone during the fast approaching hot summer days. In addition, talk to your chef about changing things in your menu to make it more exciting. You could also consider some attractive offers which may attract more customers.
Bigatton is a big ice cream supplier as well as ice cream carts. 
Décor Ideas
Since you already have the café in place, we guess you have a theme or some sort of coordination in picking different items for your café. If you don’t, then it’s time for you to seriously consider picking a theme for your café. Even if you do have a theme you may need to brighten things up a little bit to fulfil the much needed facelift. If you cannot afford major makeover you could simply do some small changes such as a fresh coat of paint, to make the place look more bright and inviting. Keep your eyes open for unclean surfaces, nooks and corners in your café. If you can see them your customers can too. This means that you need to thoroughly clean your café before anything else. Do it yourself if you want to save cash or hire professional cleaners to do the job. You will notice a significant change instantly.

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Every once in a while it is important that you show people, especially those close to you that they matter. It is easy to tell someone that you love them; it is easy to tell someone that you care for them and it is easy to tell someone that they are important; but sometimes you have to make it a point to show it as well.
Do something unexpected
The best way to do something unexpected is to first throw the person off guard. For instance, if you are planning a party for your wife, you should first make her think that you forgot about her birthday because then when you do throw her a surprise party, she will be genuinely surprised as a surprise party would probably be the last thing she expects. When you are shopping for a close friend, instead of buying gift baskets online, you should instead try and put in a lot of thought into the gift you want to get. This way, the individual receiving the gift would know that you put in a lot of thought which would automatically make that person feel special.
Make it a point to remember
You should try your best and remember the important dates and events of other people lives. This is because remembering would give you the chance to acknowledge the important dates, which would aid in making the other person feel special. If someone does something worthy of a compliment, then you should make it a point to complement them as a complement can go a long way in making somebody feel good about their accomplishments. When you are telling a story to a group of people, it is important that you make it a point to try and make eye contact with everybody present instead of just making eye contact with only a few people. When you do make eye contact when you are talking to someone, it aids in making them feel a part of the conversation rather than making them feel left out.
Basic manners
Basic manners play a huge role in letting people know that you respect them. Therefore, always make it appoint to be polite to people. Basic manners such as: saying thank you when someone helps you out, or saying excuse me whenever you interrupt a conversation or by apologizing if you bump into someone would not only show people that you respect them but it would also make you come off as someone who is well mannered and polite.

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Italy is one of the countries which attract a large number of foreigners each year for its special culture, tradition, hospitality, beauty of nature and the diverseness. Among other reasons Italy is most known in the world for its food. In any country there are Italian food restaurants because every country has Italian food lovers. If you are also an Italian food lover you might be wandering why is it so special and why you tend to enjoy it so much. Here are some reasons to make you realize why it is so.

Simplicity and authenticity

Simplicity and authenticity of Italian food make the food stand out from other food cultures. Italian food culture is developed from the base concept that is founded in the family. Italy values family relationships. Food is interconnected with the togetherness of the family. Members of the family, getting together around a table and enjoying food is the reason which made Italian food extra-special and simple at the same time. The mother, who usually prepares food need to prepare the delicious authentic dishes for the family. Neither the restaurant food nor the experiments of the chefs formed the base of the Italian food culture. If it was so the recipes would have been very intricate. But even a stranger can follow most of the Italian recipes for they were what the women or the mothers created and practiced with love and care they had for the family.

Healthiness of ingredients

Unlike other food cultures, Italian food involves unique healthy ingredients in most of its dishes. They do not use co-co nut oil or butter for cooking and instead they use extra virgin olive oil in Sydney which is proved to be very nutritious. Most of the sauces and seasoning that are used in Italian food are handmade. Readymade flavors and sauces are less used in Italian food and that makes them healthy and special.

Creativity and fervor

Even the sight of an Italian dish is appealing and mouth watering. The creativity used in the Italian dishes is one factor which makes them very special. The fervor that the Italians have for the food also makes them taste special. Sometimes it takes days of preparation to give the required standard. Cheese is aged for years and taken as an ingredient. Pasta is most of the time handmade. Top notch olive oil takes a long process to extract for the best flavor. If not for the passion for the food no person would have undertaken that much of care and concern towards the meal. Italians seem to have it inherited from the cheering food culture and that is one reason why we find Italian food special.

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A barbecue is one of the most exciting events that can be organized over the weekend with the whole neighborhood. The people can let their hair down and have a good time. There are a lot of meaty delicacies that can be prepared in the course of these events. One can choose to hire professional lamb spit catering in Sydney to serve food for the barbecue. Most barbecues involve a grill where the meat is loaded and cooked on an open flame. This gives the meat a delicious smoky taste that is desired by many. Lambs are one of the popular items that are served in a barbecue. Spit roasts are another popular favorite that are served at such events. The roast is made openly in the middle of the venue and in front of the attendance. The roast is a symbol of delicacy that the people enjoy watching being cooked.

The entire barbecue is an event that promotes socialism and people attend such event for a recreational event where they can mingle with strangers, make new acquaintances and is a generally accepted opportunity to have a good time. Several sections of society indulge themselves in such events and follow a general code of conduct. The food served is in general appreciations and the greatest part of a barbecue is the in-situ cooking that is done on an open flame. There are appetizers to entertain the guests while they wait for the roast and cooking to be over. Some professional agencies offer finger food caterers services at Adelaide as appetizers in these barbecues. Lamb roasts are a common delicacy with the general public and everybody can have an excellent barbecue if there is a roast in line to be served.

Large barbecues last well into the night with a large crowd enjoying themselves with music and alcohol. Some communities even go on extended events where they hunt an animal during the seasons and have a large barbecue with it at the end. Barbecues can be hosted by companies for their employees and even domestic where the barbecue is held in the yard. Companies can hire professional Adelaide caterers for hosting their barbecues. In a domestic barbecue, usually the whole neighborhood is invited. Most parties have several items on the menu. There can be both roasts and grilles. The roasts are traditionally spit roasted and can feature all meat possibilities from chicken to lamb. They are common delicacies as per several testimonies.

Most professional agencies offer bbq spit catering for making spit roasts at barbecues. These parties are usually hosted by large entities that have a lot of guests and cooking personally doesn’t fill the empty spaces and serve everyone. A catering service needs to be called in for serving. BBQ caterers are common in most cities and suburbs and they can be called in for such events. Many large parties aim to have these caterers serve food in the barbecue style and the prospects usually turn up the party flavors and leave room for both the hosts and the guests to enjoy themselves thoroughly. Visit this link if you are looking for a professional BBQ caterers.

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Gone are the antique days when drinks were strong delicious and down right classy. With the modernization and the introduction to various drinks and there mixes one can have more than a single favourite drink or better known as cocktails. Although we are no doubt true fans of the modern mixers, the ones in the yesteryear are definitely worth a shot or two. Therefore let’s review the history by remembering the old and educating the young by re-listing the forgotten drinks of the retro years.

The Alexander
Made with 02 ounce of Gin, 01 ounce of Creme Dr Cacao and quarter ounce Double Cream is a mix during the era where alcohol was prohibited. This drink was mainly famous as the nutmeg and creme made an excellent disguise for the primal Gin taste.

Brandi Daisy
Created with one and half ounce brandy, half ounce yellow chartreuse and lemon juice is one of the many signature cocktail in Hong Kong. This forgotten drink is definitely worth a come back. This is also famous drink of the states unfortunately now it is a mark in the alcohol history.

French 75
A perfect mix of Gin, Sugar, lemon juice and champagne brings about another vintage signature mixture in Hong Kong. It is said that this particular drink was found served at birthday dinners. The combination of Gin and champagne is found to be a favourite among many famous back in the day. Hence it’s no wonder that this was served as drinks back in the day especially on birthday banquet.

Gin Rickey
Made with Gin, lime juice, Sugar syrup and soda according to taste brings this exquisite drink of the yesteryear. This drink made a come back in the modern day blockbuster The Great Gatsby. Which remind us that this drink is definitely would bring sexy back. Try this with your mates at your night get togethers and stun them with your taste in these alcoholic beverages.

Last Word
Mixed with a range of Gin, Lime Juice and water in the perfect ratio, this drink is most sought after by the credited Detroit Athletic Club. It was a group that consists of young amateur athletes who refreshed their pallet with this.

Tom Collins
This mix consists of London Dry Gin, Fine Sugar, Lemon Juice, Soda according to taste. Legend has it that this drink was named after a waiter named John Collins who was residing in London. The reason for the same is unknown; however the previous name for this was called the Old Torn Gin.

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Seafood is the most useful nutrient products that can be very beneficial for the people. There are many varieties of sea foods available in different places based on the region. Not all the places can have the same sea foods and it depends on the people how they cook these sea foods. Various types of sea foods available in various places include

• Squid

• Crab

• Smoked salmon

• Gravadlax

• Octopus

• Prawns

• Fish etc.

The main important thing that has to be considered in the case of sea foods is that they can control the cholesterol in the human body and good for health. By including the sea foods as a part of the diet, there are chances of reducing the risk of heart attack. All these seafood contain vitamins and minerals that can help the people to be fit and healthy. Especially the prawns are very good for the children and even doctors suggest giving them to the children as it can be a very healthy food for them.

Almost all the seafood contain the element known as omega-3 which is a fatty acid that can help in reducing the bad cholesterol and at the same time keeps the functioning of the heart stable. The sea foods can have the greater impact on the blood cholesterol levels thus reducing the risk of life-threatening diseases. Experts advise having fresh shellfish during the time of pregnancy for women as they can help in activating the blood cells and at the same time controls the blood pressure. People like to have best sea foods and they can find the oysters for sale in the big supermarkets and food marts, but it is good to remember that they have to pick the fresh ones always.

The oyster is one of the useful seafood that contains high proteins, zinc, and omega-3 with low cholesterol. The amino acids present in this seafood can also help the people in mood and stress regulation. When compared to other sea foods they can have more zinc traces that can help the people especially the men for the reproduction and in sexual functioning. The vitamins like A, C and B12 present in them can provide the people with greater energy levels.

When people find the oysters for sale, it can be better to check their freshness. If they are fresh and good then it is ok otherwise they can also affect the health of the people very badly. Bad sea foods can cause the severe effect to the brain and so while purchasing the sea foods people have to be careful and have to check whether they are getting the fresh food or not.

By having bad sea foods, people can get affected with food poisoning and in such cases they have to approach the doctor immediately. Some people feel allergic to sea foods and in that case, it is better for them to avoid such foods.

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A gourmet BBQ catering service will provide delicious foods which are generally cooked on a barbecue,but which most people may not have thought of in relation to a BBQ. Some examples include sea food, chicken, and other types of meat, marinated vegetables, and even fruits. These foods are cooked at the venue, and served by catering staff. All sides, salads, sweets and drinks will be provided by the caterer, usually along with serving and dining utensils. By having plates and cutlery provided by the catering service, there is then no clean up required for the organiser of the event, as the caterer will take care of that.

A gourmet BBQ catering service may simply provide gourmet foods cooked on a barbecue, or they may provide international BBQ foods. Japanese BBQ includes yakitori, which is marinated chicken cooked on a skewer; takoyaki, which is marinated and battered baby octopus, cooked on a skewer; and yakiniku, the authentic Japanese style of BBQ where meats and vegetables are cooked on an open mesh over flames. 

Another popular style of barbecue is the Mongolian barbecue. This style is said to have descended from the armies of Genghis Khan, the leader of the Moguls, in the 13th century. While not their day to day style of eating, after a victory, the army would go hunting. Whatever meat was acquired quickly froze in the low temperatures.It was sliced thinly, and cooked on a shield balanced over a fire. In modern times, thinly sliced meats, usually beef, lamb, chicken or pork, and a selection of seasonal vegetables, are cooked on a large metal plate, of a similar size and material to the shields used by the marching armies, by a chef armed with long chopsticks. Various condiments add flavour to this meal.

Spit roasting is another way to cook meat. Meat cooked by spit roasting is usually succulent and tender. It is a slow method of cooking, often taking several hours, turning the meat continuously, over coals, and requires special equipment. As this equipment, and the patience required to tend the cooking meat, is beyond most people, a spit roast catering service is the best way to achieve this type of meal. Popular with large events, a spit roast catering service in Melbourne will transport all necessary equipment, along with the required meats, salads, sides, condiments, sweets and drinks, to the event location.

There, they will set up the equipment, and begin roasting the meat. Meats that do well spit roasted include pork, beef, lamb, chicken and other large birds The meat is usually marinated, and being cooked slowly enables the juices to keep the meat soft and tender. A good catering service provides all serving and dining equipment, and will take care of the clean up as well. Corporate catering services are often required for corporate events. Having these details taken care of by a professional caterer allows the event organiser to focus on other details of the event.

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Why always party at disc or house while you can enjoy a junk boat party? Okay, having a boat party with friends is always a good hangout, to stress out. It’s a way to make new friends and to meet old friends again. To organize a junk boat party is little tricky if you are new. Usually people hire boat party organizers. But still there are some arrangements what you guys have to do by yourselves. Some tips can help you to organize a cool and awesome junk boat party.

1. Decide the date and time: weekends are always good for boat parties. You can hangout for the two days on the sea and that’s really good. But some people wants have it on Saturday so that they can get time to get over from the hangover. So it’s simply upon them with whom you are going. Ask them and decide the date and time.

2. The food and beverage: you can do it yourself. But to buy raw things and cook them for the whole day is not a good idea. So you can hire reliable junk boats catering who will arrange the food and alcohol. It will not only save your time but also will reduce a big headache, check this trusted private kitchen.

3. Select the boat company: now there are many boat companies who provide boats and yachts for parties. Different companies have different rules and regulations. Some companies provide food, music instruments and beverages by themselves while a few allow you to hire junk boats catering as you wish. Also some provide water-skiing, banana boat rides with some extra cost. So first get the knowledge about the companies and then go for booking.

4. Keep updated about the weather: you don’t want a worst party experience ever. And in case of boat party everything depends on the climate. You must update yourself with the every minute weather status whether it can be raining or not.

5. Booking the boat or yacht: get the boat on your time is not possible. And it is also not possible to go and check that. So it will be easier if you contact with the boat company through phone. There are several boat companies who provide their every detail on their website also.

6. Collect the money: you don’t want to pay money for anyone else. And there will be always some people who make delay to give the money or even don’t want to give the money. So if you are going with friends and their friends then collect the money as soon as possible and plan the party.

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Having a birthday party is extremely exciting and planning it is just as exciting as the party itself. If your daughter’s birthday is coming up, consider throwing her a small birthday party. Having a party for a child does not have to be a big elaborate affair. The truth is, a child will be happy with just about anything and would absolutely love the experience of having the presents and a birthday cake would be enough.

Catering for the party

You do not have to order expensive catering for your child’s birthday party. You could simply make some small finger food at your own home and bake your child a cake yourself. It is unnecessary to get a cake made professionally with custom cake toppers. In fact you could simply buy a plastic version of your child’s favorite toy and place it on the cake in the form of a topper. The truth is no one ever eats the cake toppers anyway and so it wouldn’t make too much of a difference whether the cake topper was edible or not.

Remember that the main guests at your child’s birthday party are going to be children and that children do not eat much. They will possibly love having a piece of your cake with the custom cake toppers in Melbourne however. One big mistake that most people make for the children’s birthday parties is having too much food that really nobody is interested in eating. Instead have some basic finger food suitable for a party for the children while you may have some dinner only for the adults if necessary. For the children, choose to have food that is decorated in the shape of animals and little cartoon characters as this is what they are likely to enjoy. You may have little sandwiches, tiny sweets and other small finger food as well. Do a quick search online for hundreds of lovely party food ideas that not only will the children enjoy but you will enjoy making them.

Instead of spending a lot of money on the food choose to have lots of games and activities as this is what your little guests are likely to be most amused by. One great idea is to hire a bouncy castle as all kids love this. While it is not likely to cost much, this is going to be all you need to make your party a success and a ton of fun for your kid and your little guests. In addition to this, try and hire a man in a teddy bear costume or a candy floss stall that will drive your guests crazy.

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The past year saw many changes being made to the way in which we eat. For several years now, studies have been conducted by many different research organisations to determine the root causes of the terminal illnesses that seem to be causing exponential numbers of deaths worldwide such as heart diseases, diabetes and high blood pressure. In the quest to finding answers through the food we consume, many researchers have been successful in arriving at surprising yet supported conclusions about how the way we eat and what we eat should change. Here are a few such suggestions that you can consider incorporating in your daily diet for a healthier lifestyle;
Eating it fresh – Keeping Things Simple
Recent studies show that the best way to consume any type of food is in its natural, raw and unprocessed state. The fresher vegetables and fruits you consume are, the better it is for your health. Many Australian households are now shifting from processed food products which contain high levels of saturated fats, starch and sugars to simpler varieties such as fresh salads and pickles. Even restaurants and west end restaurants Brisbane are now offering separate salad bars and juice corners in their menus an attempt to diversify their dishes in order to suit the varied and ever changing needs of customers.
Baked vs. Fried
Fried food typically contains excess amounts of fats and lipids which are unhealthy and can result in high cholesterol levels which make way to diseases such as coronary heart disease, strokes, Type Two diabetes and high blood pressure. A better alternative to frying as a method of food preparation is baking. Many people now prefer baked or boiled vegetables in place of fried or sautéed vegetables. Places and services that provide eatables to large quantities of people such as cafes, restaurants, bars and catering services are increasingly under pressure to introduce naked varieties of food to their menus in place of fried or deep fried ones so that better health is promoted. Most outdoor eateries have now adapted themselves to fit in with these healthier eating habits as they gain popularity among the young and the old alike due to increased awareness of health risks that are imminent through fatty food items.
Seeds and Grains for Lesser Weight Gains

Seeds, grains and cereal are becoming widely known for their great health benefits all over the world. Doctors, dieticians and nutritionists are increasingly recommending the consumption of healthy grains as an alternative to white bread and other food products which contain unhealthy levels of carbohydrates and glucose. Eating cereal for breakfast over a continuous period of time can help lose weight and become fitter. Also, substituting grains and seeds such as dhal, grams, chia seeds and nuts as the main meal for the day can have surprising health benefits in the long run. Different types of nuts such as walnuts and hazelnuts have been found to have very beneficial qualities such as increased brain development.

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You need to get sweet items with icing got a special individual’s event nevertheless you’re not a person who would want to wait in a long queue at the shop. In adding, you turn out to be extremely busy to go around looking for these goodies. You feel that it would be a total waste of time as well. For this cause online best cake delivery in Melbourne can be found. Just in the event you need to purchase only one item getting it online is much superior with the quick and simple online buying structure. Online, you could also take a look at the elements of the product and find additional varieties in comparison to those in real stores. Nevertheless you should be mindful of a few things when purchasing online.

Don’t ever merely pick a random site on the internet. You will discover things that you should ponder about since you will spend cash and giving something exceptional for your loved one. Identify which event you would like to get the sweet goodies for. Select a design and pattern that you would like for the item. Don’t merely purchase an item which has no value or meaning. Irrespective of the how goodies might taste and look like it must be decided very wisely prior to making the purchase or getting the cake delivery done. Shops on the internet provide you a list that you can look through. Make sure that you look through the list of your selection prior to noticing the ideal item that you would choose to purchase. As well as things to be mindful of when purchasing items online, you have to be certain of the amount of substitutes given to you. As the initial step you could send a design of the items you would like online. You ca get the item tailor made according to your requirements. In the event if you are presenting the item as a gift it is better to be certain to design the item agreeing to the palate of the celebrant. Stores on the internet provide offer facilities such as getting verses or pictures engraved on the item. You could simply request the store to print out your individual message on the item as well and also for added custom-made touch, you may perhaps also join exclusive notes. Try to think about the specific elements you would like your goodies to have. Be certain that the ingredients that you don’t like to be put in for instance nuts or eggs and any other items which you don’t want wouldn’t be added in to the mixture.

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Nowadays people operate eateries of different kinds. There are coffee shops, food counters by the roadside, full blown restaurants and mobile food vans. Those who are looking to start cheap and make profits fast by selling simple street food can look at taking up a mobile catering service. There are many instances of this kind of food business that have hit the gold mine. Hot dog carts in US are a hit and so are ice cream trucks or food vans in fairs and parks.

Benefits of a mobile food service

For those who are wondering what kind of food business to invest in, they might want to look at best coffee van in Brisbane services. Nowadays, mobile catering vans are for hire and that makes it cheap and profitable to start off a mobile catering or food business within a short span of time. Unlike a restaurant or a coffee shop, the rent of a catering van is much cheaper than paying for a retail store space. What’s more, the taxes that are levied on restaurants and other eateries are not present on food catering services on mobile vans. 

Diversity of offerings

One can explore different options when choosing to start a food catering business. For instance, one could offer simple snacks and beverages which people can purchase and consume on the go. Many food businesses specialize in different cuisine meals as well and allow people to taste cuisine offerings on mobile plates. The varieties are endless and so are the offerings that can be changed from time to time. Hence a coffee van Brisbane can start selling Chinese and Thai meals as well.

Mobility of services

The best part of a food van business is that the venues can be changed from time to time. As long as one has the license to operate in a certain region and gain permission from certain authorities, mobile van services can be taken anywhere. Hone, if the crowd seems to be thicker in the parks in the evenings that is where a mobile van could be. It could also be parked next to busy subway stations, bus stations and other places. Visit this link for further information regarding food trailer for sale.

Increasing popularity

Another advantage of a mobile catering service is that it brings a person in close touch with the customers. If one sells waffles and is great at it, there might be customers asking them to deliver waffles to their restaurant joints or to cater similar food items at private parties. These present great business opportunities for the mobile food van owners. Again, this kind of a business can be run part time and one can conduct other businesses during the rest of the day and increase their earnings.

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Dinner parties are an amazing way to get your best friends together and catch up over some good food but sometimes, the planning process can be quite stressful and annoying but it doesn’t have to be. Planning a dinner party is very easy if done right, the key is to keep things simple and fun. If you’re looking for some tips on how to start planning a dinner party, steps and tips mentioned below will definitely help you out.

The number of invitees
The first and foremost thing that must be completed when planning a dinner party is to count and have a clear idea of all the people you want present at your dinner party. Before you invite them ask them and set it up on a date where all your friends will be free and able to attend. A quick tip would be to keep the number low, a dinner party doesn’t always have to include your whole gang of friends so keep it at a low number. You can try inviting only your closest friends that you need to catch up with. When you are done with deciding the number of people, be sure to call them up and invite them to your dinner party.

Food and beverages
If you’re not looking to impress anyone of your coworkers or your boss on this night, I would suggest keeping things really simple because simple is always easy and it takes less time to create.
If you cannot take on the task of making your own food, you can order from the nice takeaway restaurant down the street and your guests wouldn’t even know the difference but if you have time to spare for cooking, go for a three course meal as it will not cause you to get stressed over it. For beverages, be sure to have some alcoholic beverages out and about and keep them chilled. Invest in a wine fridge prior to the party and store your bottles of sauvignon inside so that the beverages are chilled and cold at dinner time. For more info about wine fridge for kitchen, visit

Entertain your guests
I highly doubt that as the alcohol starts pouring and the wine fridge loses track of the bottles opened, there will be any lack of entertainment. A drunk lady bashing on her husband is all the entertainment you need for one night but you can play some classical music during dinner to set the mood. It is important to make sure that the sound of the music will not disturb the conversation and the laughter.